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Dive into an otherworldly Halloween celebration with this Mummified Skate Party necklace, flanked by Saturn. A mesmerizing intertwine of the moon and Saturn—with its iconic ring—creates a celestial backdrop on a deep black canvas. Taking center stage on the moon is a jubilant gap-toothed Mummy, arms open wide, beckoning revelers to join the party. The word "Party" announces the festive mood. As if answering the call, seven tiny ghosts encircle this cosmic scene, with one adventurous ghost donning a knitted cap and daringly skateboarding on Saturn's ring. Not to be left out, another ghost floats delightfully on the other side of the planet.


This pendant marries the mysteries of space, the spookiness of Halloween, and the joy of celebration into a singularly unique accessory.


The pendant and its chain are made with robust brass material for dazzling looks that are long-lasting. The print panel is made with aluminum while the pendant itself comes in a unique shape of an ellipse.


  One Size
Pendant height, in 1.50
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Chain length, in 20.47